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Description of PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint 2013 is the latest version of the application from Microsoft for creating presentations that does not require special skills to use. The main focus during the development of the program was made on creating new templates, supporting widescreen displays, and touch input.

Popular capabilities of the program

Support for touchscreens noticeably simplifies work under the operating system Windows 8, and also allows to use PowerPoint 2013 on tablets and smartphones.

Presenter view allows only you to see notes during the presentation, which substantially simplifies the process of presentation before the audience.

Implemented is support for widescreen displays that improves the quality of display of presentation on projectors and big monitors.

A theme designer has been developed for widescreen monitors that simplifies the beginning of creating a presentation.

Special guides will automatically appear and simplify aligning objects relative to each other.

Support for new audio and video formats has been added, which substantially increases the quality of display of content.

Download for free

Program OS Bit depth Interface Downloading
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 for Windows 8 32-bit - 64-bit english download
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 for Windows 7 32-bit - 64-bit english download
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 for Windows 10 64 - bit english download
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 for Windows XP 32-bit - 64-bit english download
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 for Windows Vista 32-bit - 64-bit english download

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The updated PowerPoint 2013 is just splendid, the design is miraculous, the functionality has been considerably expanded, the work process has become more interesting.
Hello, can you please tell me how to install it on a laptop? I have Windows 7 Ultimate, downloaded the program for Windows 7, but don’t know how to install it. Please, respond!

Well… awesome, compared to the last version, it has become much easier and more convenient to work, everything is more simplistic and nicer. But not without trade-offs. It runs smoothly on an average or high-end computer, but if you take an old laptop and start making animation, it’ll start lagging a little bit. But since I have a decent computer, everything works just fine for me. Undoubtedly, those who have old PCs, should probably install an older version, for example PowerPoint 2007. It’s less demanding.

Well, the program is working just fine, and the design is cool, but it doesn’t matter, download! I recommend to everybody!

Very good website! I’ve been searching for these programs for a long time and couldn’t find anything! Found this website, and decided to try. And, in fact, haven’t been misled.


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