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Description of Excel 2013

Excel 2013 is the most advanced modification of the spreadsheet editor that is part of Microsoft Office 2013 suite. Excel has experienced a number of fundamental changes that differentiate it from the previous version. In particular, the design of the application has significantly changed, and a range of new features have been added that focus on mobility and touchscreen interaction.

Popular capabilities of the program

A large selection of templates has been introduced in Excel that will considerably simplify the structure of the document.

Functions of express-analysis of data have been significantly improved as well as their interaction with diagrams.

Flash fill function will suggest what to enter into a cell, and that will substantially save time and reduce the number of errors.

Now Excel can suggest the most fitting diagrams, on which the information will be more illustrative.

Every workbook can now be displayed in a separate window, which improved usability when working with multiple documents and also simplified working with multiple monitors.

Download for free

Program OS Bit depth Interface Downloading
Microsoft Excel 2013 for Windows 8 32-bit - 64-bit english download
Microsoft Excel 2013 for Windows 7 32-bit - 64-bit english download
Microsoft Excel 2013 for Windows 10 64 - bit english download
Microsoft Excel 2013 for Windows XP 32-bit - 64-bit english download
Microsoft Excel 2013 for Windows Vista 32-bit - 64-bit english download

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Excel 2013 has drastically changed in comparison with Excel 2010; I highly recommend downloading it! Don’t hesitate!

A very good program for creating diagrams and charts!

Thank you, developers! Everything is excellent!

Thanks for letting me somewhat improve the quality and performance of my computer.

Downloaded in 1 minute, the download process was great, the program is totally awesome; highly recommend!




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