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Description of Word 2010

Word 2010 is a text editor that is part of the Office 2010 suite essential for working on documents. Having installed Word 2010, formatting headers, quotes and other types of text using various styles will become easy and convenient.

A brief enumeration of features of the word processor:
  • 1) Editing fonts and their sizes allows to place emphasis on pieces of the text
  • 2) Managing paragraphs and spacing between them is used for separating text constructions.
  • 3) Text style configuration which reduces the time for formatting the content;
  • Having downloaded Word 2010, you get:
  • 1) Word 2010, equipped with the latest version of SP3 (Service Pack 3);
  • 2) Built-in spellchecker;
  • 3) The Word without viruses, SMS and paid subscriptions;
  • Popular capabilities of the program

    Microsoft Word features different text configurations, we recommend you familiarize yourself with the most popular ones available in the shareware version of the program.

    Format painter – copying formatting from one selection of the text to another.

    Animation parameters – applying visual effects to the highlighted text, such as shade, luminescence or reflection.

  • Text selection color — the text will look as though it was painted over with a highlighter.
  • Text color – changing text color
  • Case – transformation of all letters of the selected text into upper or lower case, or selection of other options of alignment of capital or small letters.
  • Font configurations enables you to quickly make the text
  • Bold – application of the bold formatting to the selected text
  • Italic – application of the italic formatting to the selected text
  • Underlined – application of the underlined style to the selected text
  • Strikethrough – application of the strikethrough style to the selected text
  • The subscript sign — creation of small letters below the text baseline
  • The superscript sign – creation of small letters above the text baseline
  • Clear formatting – leads to removal of all the formatting on a block of selected text, the only thing left is plain text. This feature is extremely convenient for quick style cleanups.
  • Download for free

    Program OS Bit depth Interface Downloading
    Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows 8 x64-bit english download
    Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows 7 x32-bit english download
    Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows 10 64 - bit english download
    Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows 7 x64-bit english download
    Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows Vista x32-bit english download
    Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows Vista x64-bit english download
    Microsoft Word 2010 for Windows XP x32-bit english download

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    It’s weird there are no reviews here! Alright, I’ll write the first one. Just downloaded and installed Office 2010, the suite is working, didn’t ask for my phone number or any SMS confirmation codes. The antivirus didn’t catch anything. Thanks a lot!

    Thank you! You’re one of the many(few?) websites where I could download the program without paying or problems.

    Everything is working! It took maybe 15 minutes, free and without signing up! Thanks!

    Saved the link to install on my laptop. Especially enjoyed working online. Thanks again!

    Thanks a bunch! I think you saved my life! The only website where you can download the program.

    Why are you leaving reviews? Download the file and sit tight! Your opinions are just disturbing! I read reviews, hesitate to download, start thinking, etc. I think maybe it’ll take too much time to download, maybe the download will fail, I just want to close the tab! But in reality, everything is awesome! The download finishes fast and the program works without any problems!


    A big thanks to the creator of the website. The programs are easily installed and work properly. I mean I had some doubts in my mind, but thankfully they were erased. Way to go, guys!





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    Thanks a lot for the free download. God bless us all

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