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Description of Office 2010

Microsoft office 2010 is a suite of programs designed for working with text and graphical data. It comprises 10 applications designed for working on computers running the operating system Windows.

Microsoft Office is recommended for installation on all devices running the operating system Windows since this suite is the most complete among this kind of software.

The list of all popular office programs that constitute Office 2010:
  • Microsoft Office Word 2010 – the text editor for creating and editing documents
  • Microsoft Office Excel 2010 – the spreadsheet editor for structuring data
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 – the program for working with presentations
  • Microsoft Office OneNote 2010 – serves for creating notes and quick entries
  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 – email client designed to manage emails
  • Microsoft Office Publisher 2010 — for designing page layouts
  • Microsoft Office Access 2010 – for convenient use of databases.
  • Popular capabilities of the program

    Creation and editing of:
  • 1. Text documents
  • 2. Spreadsheet documents
  • 3. Presentations
  • 4. Emails
  • 5. Databases
  • Download for free

    Program OS Bit depth Interface Downloading
    Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows 8 32-bit - 64-bit english download
    Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows 7 32-bit - 64-bit english download
    Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows 10 64 - bit english download
    Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows XP 32-bit - 64-bit english download
    Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows Vista 32-bit - 64-bit english download

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    The first decent website)) A big thanks to the author! Couldn’t find the suite anywhere, and finally stumbled upon this website. Everything is virus-free here!


    Thank you very much! The Office has been successfully installed and is working fine.

    Thanks for the good work! The number of professionals has become small!


    Thanks, the website is alright, I’ve been searching for Word for a ling time, this is the only decent website!

    The download process is slow. I’ll check how it works. I have the 2003 version, but it doesn’t work. I’ve been trying to get the program for a long time, and succeeded only here! Thanks!

    Thank you for posting the working version of the Office, cause wherever I tried downloading – didn’t work. THANKS A BUNCH!

    Everything’s alright. The download speed is not high, but it’s not crucial. The rush is only necessary when you have diarrhea)) I’ll be glad to use Office, especially if it works. I’ll let you know later if it works or not.

    Great website, thank you guys! Everything works fine! I’ve been searching for a place to download Word fast and without breaking a sweat for a long time. And now I’ve FOUND one!

    Just started downloading… Quite surprising that it’s free!!! I hope the download will finish and the program will work fine. I’ve tried many websites any couldn’t find Word without viruses anywhere! Then I tried this website and found what I was looking for. Thank you very much!

    Yay! It worked. I’ve tried many websites, but only this one seems to be working! Thank you for not misleading!


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