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Description of Excel 2010

Excel 2010 is a program designed for creation and working with spreadsheets that lets you conveniently do calculations of varying difficulty levels. Spreadsheets simplify sorting, filtering, and formatting data on a sheet. Summary tables simplify presentation, reduction, and detailing of complex data.

Popular capabilities of the program

Ease of managing data in Excel 2010 is achieved through convenient diagrams, working with formulas, and data sorting.

Creation of diagrams:
  • Histograms – used for comparing values by categories for further analysis;
  • Graphs – used to display the development and variation of the process over time;
  • Pie charts – used to display the input of each value in the total sum;
  • Bar charts – this is the most convenient type of diagram for comparing multiple values
  • Area graphs – used to underscore the difference between multiple sets of data during a particular period of time
  • Scatter plots – necessary for comparing pairs of values.
  • Stock, surface, ring, bubble, petal.
  • Sparkline diagrams – used for determining the difference between values.
  • Formulas.
  • Logical, textual, date and time.
  • Links and arrays – display of the list of functions for managing lists and arrays.
  • Mathematical – display of the list of mathematical and trigonometric functions.
  • Other functions – preview of the list of statistical, engineering, analytical and informational functions as well as compatibility functions.
  • Data

    Sorting A to Z — sorting the selected range so that the smallest values appear at the top of the column.

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    Program OS Bit depth Interface Downloading
    Microsoft Excel 2010 for Windows 8 x32-bit english download
    Microsoft Excel 2010 for Windows 8 x64-bit english download
    Microsoft Excel 2010 for Windows 10 64 - bit english download
    Microsoft Excel 2010 for Windows 7 x32-bit english download
    Microsoft Excel 2010 for Windows 7 x64-bit english download
    Microsoft Excel 2010 for Windows XP 32-bit - 64-bit english download
    Microsoft Excel 2010 for Windows Vista 32-bit - 64-bit english download

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    Thanks for the 2010 versions of Word and Excel! They function smoothly on Windows 8.

    My version of Office 2013, officially installed with a key on a new computer, crashed during an update, eliminating 70% of my files! Couldn’t restore anything, spending 2 weeks on the Microsoft website. Ha-ha!

    Even after reading the reviews, I couldn’t believe that it would be downloaded without using torrents or some archived trash. The download speed is also ok. I already installed Word, Excel and PowerPoint. They all work well!

    Everything is working properly, I confirm, even a child will manage.

    Downloaded and installed without any problem. Everything is working. Guys, thank you!

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